*SCAN* Robert Pattinson and Remember Me in ‘Einkaufaktuell’ magazine – Germany

Here’s a scan of Rob and Remember Me in “Einkaufaktuell”. Remember Me will be shown on Vox on Thursday, August 16.


Moviefone names Robert Pattinson in it’s 12 Best American Accents By Non-American Actors

This new poll was posted on Moviefone’s website. Robert Pattinson features at no 9 of 12. And it’s a great excuse to feature a scene from the excellent Remember Me. Click to see full article.

Best American Accents By Non-American Actors: From Russell Crowe To Colin Farrell

Robert Pattinson

No, “vampire” is not an accent (ask Colin Farrell), but most of us know Robert Pattinson from his role as Edward, the shimmery lily-white vampire in the four “Twilight” movies (the fourth one comes out this Thanksgiving). Edward speaks in an American accent that suggests some kind of European aristocratic background. He’s also faked an American accent in “Remember Me” and “Water for Elephants.” In August he’ll be going all Yank-speak one again, this time for David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis.”

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VIDEO: New Interviews with Robert Pattinson from the Remember Me/BD1/WFE Press Junket

Rob talks about acting, what he thinks has been the most important and the best challenge when it comes to Edward. And finally talks about Twitter and why he won’t tweet.

Starts at 15:42 to 18:54.

Join us for a Remember Me Watch Along

Date for your diaries - Friday, 30 March 2012 at 7.30pm we are hosting a Remember Me watch along. Grab your DVDs and laptops and head on over to our ustream channel to join us in watching Remember Me.  Share your thoughts, feelings or random comments with us while we watch the film together.

Birthday Picture Post: The RPUK Team Picks Their 5 Favourite Remember Me Pictures

As Remember Me was voted favourite Rob film by you, his fans we’ve themed our 2nd birthday celebrations around the film. For anyone that read my post looking back at the last two years of RPUK you’ll also know that Remember Me is where it all started for the site so  it’s extra fitting.

Yesterday, after the poll had closed I asked the girls to pick out their five favourite Remember Me pictures.  Everyone groaned and said - what just five? ;) Here they are in no particular order (do you agree? Do you have a different picture that is your favourite? Let us know in the comments).

Firstly, although this isn’t a still from the film so technically shouldn’t be included, I had to put it up.  It’s a wallpaper by the amazingly talented @DreamySim1 and just captures the essence of the film completely:

Sam’s Top 5:



Lucy’s Top 5:



Janine’s Top 5:


Kirsty’s Top 5:


Claire’s Top 5:


Robert Pattinson UK - The Last Two Years!

I can’t believe RPUK is 2 years old already! It seems like only yesterday that it all started…..

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 – St Patrick’s Day and also the UK Premiere of Remember Me. At the tender age of 30 something I decided that I was going to attend my very first Premiere – not walking the red carpet in a dignified manner befitting my age but hanging out next to it in the fan pens with everyone else. One of the very best days of my life. I met some amazing fans, but most importantly I talked to a fan who also ran a UK Rob site and was astounded to hear from her that there were only a couple of UK fan sites for Rob at the time. Oh I met Rob too of course! If you fancy reliving the awesome day with me, check out my write up here.

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”600” caption=”Our corner of the red carpet. That’s my arm with the pink & silver book in the corner on the right!!”][/caption]

The following week, after a couple of glasses of wine in celebration of a bonus I received, I decided that it was time Rob had another UK fansite. I did a bit of internet research, found a hosting company and bought the URL RobertPattinsonUK.com and so RPUK was born!

We started life with a simple black and white theme, it didn’t last too long though as we moved to the red, white and blue on a black background that you all know and love within a matter of weeks!

Initially it was just me on the site, with Margaret (@lady_handbag) as moral support and someone to bounce ideas off. In May with the release of Eclipse just around the corner we advertised for a newsposter to join the team and Lucy (@Loopylu_13) came on board. How Lucy and I managed to keep the site up to date through the Eclipse promotion is beyond me but we did it, somehow!

August brought with it sunshine and Janine as well as a change in RL job for me. Can’t tell you how much I appreciated the support the girls gave me during this time – they basically ran the site as I was AWOL learning the ropes of my new role.

Kirsty joined us in January 2011 and we all got together for a big RPUK show of support at the Water for Elephants UK Premiere in May, the team then was really big which was fantastic. It was during this event that we were able to give Rob his birthday book, the project that we’d been running for several months getting message of love and support from all of you, Rob’s fans.

[caption id=”attachment_26953” align=”aligncenter” width=”533” caption=”From the left: Amy, Sam, Lucy, Kirsty, Janine and Margaret”][/caption]

Sadly we’ve had newsposters come and go, mostly because of real life stealing them away from having the time to post news, but we’ve appreciated every one of the girls who have dedicated their spare time to helping us out.

October and November 2011 was madness! The Breaking Dawn part 1 promo broke each and every one of us with the amount of news there was to post. It was worth it though, as it culminated in Lucy, Kirsty and me (poor Janine was sick) attending the UK premiere and again being able to show our support to Rob.

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”553” caption=”Lucy and Rob at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 UK Premiere”][/caption]

2012 is going to be another hectic year! Already we’ve had the Bel Ami world premiere which Lucy and Kirsty were lucky enough to be able to attend. Whilst in Berlin the girls were able to recruit Claire (@Sparklys_C) our newest family member and show Rob we’re dedicated to his cause ;-) Did everyone manage to see our banner on the live feed – several hundred times? ;-)

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”512” caption=”Kirsty and Claire (in the hat on the right) with Rob at the Bel Ami World Premiere”][/caption]

We’ve got Cosmopolis and Breaking Dawn Part 2 to look forward to this year and hopefully some filming for more projects for Rob to come in the near future.

So you see why I was rather bowled over by you guys choosing Remember Me as your favourite Rob film, because that is where this all began! It’s been an awesome two years, I’ve made some amazing friends in the fandom thanks to Rob but most especially I’ve met Lucy, Janine, Kirsty and Claire – my family. Thank you so much girls for everything, I couldn’t do it without you.

A massive thanks to YOU too, for your support through these last two years and all the years to come!

SCANS: Remember Me & Breaking Dawn Part 1 in Mexico’s ‘15 a 20’ magazine

Here’s a couple of scans from Mexico’s ‘15 a 20’ magazine featuring Robert Pattinson in Remember Me & Breaking Dawn Part 1.

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Remember Me London Premiere Report

Both the site Admin were lucky enough to attend the Remember Me Premiere in London back in March.  The pictures are up in the gallery and you can read the report we wrote below.

We had an absolutely fabulous day and met some wonderful fellow fans.  Hope you enjoy our write up.

Monday, 8 March 2010, approx 4pm GMT notification goes out on Twitter that Summit have confirmed a UK Premiere for Remember Me on Wednesday, 17 March and that Rob is confirmed as attending. Twitter goes mad with the news and once again disappointment sets in when I realise it’s just another event I’ll be watching on the live feed.  However, that changed after conversation with Margaret when I discovered that she really wanted to go too.  Flights were booked from Glasgow to Gatwick within about half an hour of the first post on Twitter and then we just had to participate in some serious fangirling!  I was so incredibly excited I’ve never done anything like this before ever but I just knew it was going to be great fun.

 The excitement didn’t really die down all weekend or into the following week.  By Tuesday morning we were both nigh on hysterical with excitement, looking forward to the day hanging out with Rob fans as much as seeing the guy himself.

 Tuesday evening and Margaret flew down from Glasgow to meet me at Gatwick Airport. Not having met before we decided the best way to ensure recognition would be for me to have a sign, so I made a Rob face to wear!! Sadly the plan fell flat on its face because I stood at the wrong arrivals area. Only realising when my 5 year old daughter asked what the sign said.  The conversation went something like “What does that say Mummy?” “Internationa……. Oh hell we’re at the wrong gate – come on we’ve got to run over there”.    But we got there in the end and Tuesday night ended up being a hive of activity as we got ready for the next day.

 We’d made the decision to drive as it worked out just a little more expensive than the train but meant we didn’t have to lug all our gear on the train.  So having mapped out the route and seen how long it was going to take to get there neither of us was relishing the 5.30 am start!  Especially as we hadn’t gotten to bed particularly early the night before.

 Premiere Day: Despite the excitement of the day we still found it really hard to get out of bed.  I also wasn’t as well prepared as I’d thought I was and ended up running around trying to do stuff in the morning when we really should have been on the road.  Consequently we left the house about half an hour later than anticipated.  We finally got to the car park at about 8.15.  We gathered our bits together and started the walk towards Leicester Square, stopping off at McDonald’s for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and a cup of coffee en route!   I have no idea what it was about us, maybe the large flask of tea and picnic blanket we were carrying, but just as we were approaching Leicester Square a random chap stopped us in the street and asked if we were going to the Premiere! I mean how on earth did he even know??!  That certainly gave us a laugh anyway.

 We arrived at Leicester Square and the first thing we noticed was the absolutely enormous Remember Me poster above the Odeon, pretty awesome to see that it has to be said.  The barriers were just being put up when we got there so we got into the enclosure and made our way up towards the Odeon doors figuring it would be a good place to get some pictures.  Later we found out it was an excellent place to stand because the paparazzi were going to be close by so the celebrities would be coming up our way for their pictures to be taken.

 We settled down to make our camp, spreading out the picnic blanket and eating our breakfast.  Fortunately there weren’t many people when we arrived so we did manage to get a good spot, something we were particularly worried about given the lateness of our arrival. As we’d approached we recognised a couple of girls from their Twitter avatars so started tweeting them from our spot about what they were doing, very amusing watching them looking around trying to work out who was stalking them!  We soon went over and introduced ourselves though as it seemed only polite!

 Nothing much happened for the next few hours; more people arrived including a very odd couple who stood next to each other for over 2 hours without communicating at all.  The younger of the two then went and sat by the barrier whilst the other sat on the opposite side of the enclosure and they stared at each other not talking to anyone else at all – very strange behaviour that went on all day!!

It was amazing how quickly the time went considering we were just sitting in one place doing not a lot. Although Margaret and I had both brought books to read and our iPods to listen to we didn’t really do either.  At about 11am we were joined by some other ladies we talk to on Twitter and activity around the Odeon started to pick up again, with more barriers going up and the technical area behind us beginning to take shape.  During the course of the day there were a few camera crews wondering around interviewing groups of fans but we successfully managed to avoid any of those!  I can’t tell you how pleased we were for choosing the area we did to stand in, the other end of the enclosure got incredibly busy whilst ours stayed relatively empty thank heavens.  We did have a bit of entertainment created by a very strange dude singing and dancing to his iPod, he stood in front of us for absolutely ages.  There was also a kid hanging around with a large cardboard cut out. At first we thought it was of Rob and then realised it was actually Gerard Butler – why?!  Lots of tourists took pictures of everyone hanging out which made us feel special (not!) and lots of people asked us why we were there – clearly the 50 foot poster and all the signs along the barriers etc were not a good enough clue!  One guy even said “You young people will queue up for anything” – us young really? Wow…..

 Rumours started spreading around 4pm that Rob was arriving at 5.30pm and would be spending an hour and a half on the red carpet.  Fortunately we were able to verify some information thanks to a very friendly and helpful security guard called Duncan.  He confirmed that Rob would be spending quite a bit of time signing autographs and doing interviews before going into the Theatre.  He would then be introducing the film but coming straight out to do an interview with Ben Shephard for GMTV.  Duncan was also very kind giving us a guide to where everyone would be standing etc also assuring us that we did indeed have a good spot at least for getting pictures.  Apparently the cars would arrive at the opposite end of the square and then the stars would be walking up the Red Carpet.  The press were on the right hand side with fans all up the left and the paparazzi at the very top.

 The red carpet going down created quite a buzz and for me it was amazing just being that close to it.  Around the same time there were a lot of camera crews interviewing the crowd and getting them screaming which started to grate after a while but I guess they were just trying to create some kind of atmosphere!  We were eventually asked to stand by the security guards so they could see how much space was available before lock down occurred on the enclosure.  We were very lucky though because only a few extra people made it up as far as we were, including a mother with her two very small children.  Why would you bring your kids to an event like that?

 The atmosphere really started to buzz the nearer to 5.30pm we got.  The final touches were done, vacuuming the red carpet, cleaning the glass doors of the Odeon, testing the spot lights – and we can testify that they worked absolutely fine from the number of times we got blinded by them!  Steve Hargrave from Sky News also came over to speak to everyone in our corner.  As soon as we realised the cameras were rolling though Margaret and I did a very good disappearing act, sadly I still think we got caught on camera!

 5.30pm came and went and no sign of Rob, Emilie or anyone else for that matter.  15 minutes later and there were rumours that someone had arrived but we couldn’t see anything.  At 6pm we were told that Emilie had arrived and that Rob was in his car and about 15 minutes away.  Fortunately that report was wrong, very shortly afterwards a car swung in to the drop off area and Rob had arrived!  The crowd went absolutely mad screaming and yelling.  My heart was beating so fast, finally I was going to see Rob in the flesh.  The poor man was dragged everywhere to do press interviews whilst still trying to sign as many autographs as he possibly could.  For a long time we couldn’t even see him.  We were still treated to a number of famous faces though.  First up was Lemar, he stalked up the red carpet ignoring all fans, posed for a few pap pictures and then disappeared inside the theatre, he didn’t acknowledge anyone, Charlie Simpson from Busted was pretty much the same.  We were also treated to Tom Felton – what an amazing guy.  He was the only celeb, other than Rob and Emilie, to make time for the fans and sign some autographs.  Unfortunately although he did come over to us neither Margaret or I managed to get a signature.  Holly Valance didn’t sign anything but did acknowledge us with a grin and a wave when someone shouted “love the shoes Hol”!!  Emily Atak, a small time soap star in the UK arrived in a white dress with black underwear which caused quite a stir.  There were a couple of other faces but we didn’t recognise anyone else.  Tom Sturridge was of course present with his girlfriend, supporting Rob but staying well and truly out of the limelight as always.  We just caught a glimpse of him sneaking through the doors and ignoring all the fans calling out his name.  I heard someone say that Marcus Foster had turned up but I didn’t see him myself and neither did Margaret. That said there was so much going on by this time that it’s entirely possible he just sneaked through.  Marcus is in London at the moment so it’s certainly not in the realms of impossibility.  Rob’s family were also all present, his parents and both sisters were waiting for quite a while near the Odeon doors but went inside once TomStu joined them.

 Emilie sadly didn’t make it up as far as us to sign autographs but did do her pap shots and also some press pictures with Rob so we did at least get to see her.  She looked absolutely beautiful in a black lace dress.  They looked so comfortable having pictures taken with their arms wrapped around each other.

 The time was fast approaching 7pm when we knew Rob would have to go into the theatre to introduce the film and there was still no sign of him anywhere near us.  Every time he started to move in our general direction he would be dragged off to do an interview or have his picture taken.  We were all beginning to despair fearing that the day had been a complete waste as he hadn’t even come up as far as the paps to have his picture taken by them.  Rumours started circulating that he would go in, introduce the film and then come back out to have his pictures done.  I wasn’t sure that would be possible given the information that Duncan had supplied us with regarding his GMTV interview.  All was to be okay though.  Rob came right up to the pap pit to have his picture taken.  That was something of an eye opener listening to the yelling and screaming for Rob to look to your left, over here Rob, this way Rob!  My hat does off to all of the celebrities for having to deal with that.

 Rob turned to look at Manager Nick and at that point spotted us all squashed up in the corner.  I have it on very good authority that he actually said “I had to come over here you’ve all been squashed up into this corner” although I didn’t actually hear him say that myself.  He spent quite a bit of time talking to one of the girls in front of me because she had some gifts for him and Emilie, in fact you may have seen some of the press reports and pictures as Rob realised he was signing a gift for Emilie!  Both Margaret and I did manage to get his autograph though – if that’s what you can call it!  I was the very last person he signed for and all I managed was a scrawled ‘R’ but I will treasure it always as I know he did it.  He was totally sweet spending well over an hour signing autographs for as many fans as possible and I can completely forgive him for my scrawled R, he must have had writers cramp by the end of it all.  All this happened in a very short space of time and my memory of the event is rather a blur.  If I hadn’t jotted down some notes fairly quickly I don’t think I could have written anything at all by now.

 Rob was dragged off to introduce the film then – well past 7pm so it started late!  We had been told by Duncan that if they didn’t take the crowd restraining barriers down then Rob was likely to come out the front exit when he left the theatre so we made the decision to hang around.  I’m glad we did because we managed to get one of the Remember Me boards that were absolutely everywhere.  Whilst waiting for Rob to make his exit we did get to see TomStu making his way out of the theatre – before the end of the film!  He looked very confused poor love, couldn’t get out the same way as the cars and ended up being shown out into the public via the pap pit.  From the complete lack of screaming very few people even realised who he was!  Rob came out not even half an hour after going into the theatre, he smiled but didn’t wave and got straight into his car not hanging around at all – not that we could blame him.

 We said our goodbyes to the amazing people we’d met during the course of the day and made our way back to the car.  Eleven and a half hours on the Red Carpet all told.  A very long day – we didn’t get home until 10.45 but oh it was so completely worth it and would have done it all again the next day given the chance!  Margaret and I sat down for just a little while before heading to bed, we were so exhausted! We also had to be up at 5am to get Margaret to the airport for her 7.50am flight home!  That was hard, and being at work on the Thursday was even worse, I couldn’t concentrate or focus and only got through the day thanks to Twitter!

 Thanks Rob for absolutely making our year!